Spiritual Sedona

Spiritual Sedona, Arizona, long recognized by Native Americans as a sacred landscape, is a place of pilgrimage and transformation for seekers around the world. Sedona is best known for its powerful vortex energies and, each year, more than 4 million people visit Sedona–60% of them actively in search of a spiritual experience.

If you’ve ever seen the movie, Sedona, or visited here yourself, you’ll know why people seek spiritual Sedona experiences here. The intense vortex energy amplifies everything–synchroncities occur more frequently, psychic abilities open, people are drawn to what they need, transformation happens!

Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona AZHow did it all get started?

Sedona, Arizona got its name from the wife of the first postmaster in the area. Her name was Sedona Schnebley. Residents had thought to call the new town Schnebley after the postmaster, but eventually decided agaisnt it because they thought people would not be able to spell it correctly. They decided on Sedona instead. Spell Sedona backwards and you get “anodes,” an electrical term. Seeing that Sedona is a place of powerful energy, both electrical and magnetic, this is a small example of the spiritual Sedona synchronicity effect.

In the 1980’s, a psychic channel and Sedona resident named Page Bryant identified a few of the powerful Sedona spiritual vortexes. People have been coming to Sedona in greater numbers since then and it was recently identified as one of the 10 Most Sacred Spots on Earth. For natives in the area, this was very old news. The Yavapai people have a Creation Myth revolving around Montezuma’s Well and Boynton Canyon. Many Native American tribes journeyed to Sedona for healing and other sacred ceremonies, but did not live in the intense energy fields.

More recently, this spiritual Sedona landscape has also been recognized for its immense beauty through publicity and articles that have been written about it such as ABC dubbing Sedona “the most beautiful place in America” by Good Morning America’s 10 Most Beautiful Places. The buttes and spires, glorious vistas and natural red rock formations against azure skies in themselves could move anyone to a spiritual Sedona experience.

sedona az thunder mountain

Thunder Mountain is not really a mountain.

The Call of Spiritual Sedona

Sedona, AZ is part of the Colorado Plateau at 4,500 feet above sea level. It’s high desert climate, with sunny weather almost 300 days a year. All the red rock formations are formed by erosion. There are no actual mountains here. The majestic red rocks are either buttes, mesas, pinnacles or hoodoos. In her history, Sedona has been an inland sea and many people dream of dolphins while they are here because the sea energy remains.

The population of Sedona proper is approximately 12,000 people. A good percentage of the population here is on some kind of spiritual path or another. And you will find many different outlets for spiritual expression–from hiking in nature to church gatherings to metaphysics and yoga classes to workshops and seminars of all kinds. There are also world class resorts and restaurants here and a vibrant local community.

Once you’ve entered the landscape of spiritual Sedona, her powerful energy and tremendous beauty will call you back over and again.

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