Sedona Vortex/Medicine Wheel Combo

mar 10 12 124The Sedona Vortex/Medicine Wheel Combo Tour is the ultimate Sedona spiritual experience combined with a pure Southwestern experience. This combination tour gives you your own powerful Sedona vortex experience in the midst of the red rocks with a phenomenal guide who will assist you in tuning into and working with the vortex energy to allow insight, inspiration and transformation in your life right in the heart of the vortex energy. Our guides are highly intuitive and, once they meet you, they know which vortex to visit first.

The medicine wheel and vortex tour with Sedona Red Rock Tours was an outstanding adventure. Yes we’ve done the jeep tours and enjoyed them, but this tour was personal, informative, and brought the spirit of the area to life. –Betsey L., Greenville

From there, you follow Spirit and go where you are called to any number of vortex sites and private medicine wheels.  On your tour, you will visit at least one of these awesome, private medicine wheels. The tour includes Medicine Teachings and you will learn about animal guides and their meaning in your life, including local Medicines like the Roadrunner, the Raven, the Snake and the Phoenix. This tour is wonderful for all ages.


aug 18 2012 009My mother & I had the most amazing experience touring the different vortexes and medicine wheels. Our tour guide was awesome and very knowledgeable of the Native American traditions.  –Denise

The tour ends with a Medicine Wheel Ceremony, a profound ritual with sacred drumming and songs, smudging and aura clearing, and Calling in the Directions. This ceremony is tailored uniquely to you, celebrating your path in life and setting you on a new soul journey. What you experience on this tour, you will take with you for the rest of your life. It’s a life-transforming adventure you will never forget.

This is a powerful personal instructional experience.

It had a profound effect on all of us and we will cherish the memories. ”  — Pamela Hebert

The Sedona Combo Tour

3 hour tour  $600 (for up to 2 people) For groups of 3 or more ppl – $300 each

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We also offer a variety of longer retreats.

Medicine_Wheel_2The Medicine Wheel is the cathedral of the Southwest. It is a sun dial and it marks the seasons and the movements of the sun. It also marks the directions and the elements. In fact, it is a rock teaching guide. As you walk the wheel, you walk the day, the year, a lifetime. There are many secrets hidden in the wheel. Join us and learn a few. A medicine wheel initiation is a powerful experience.

Ah ho! Step into a medicine wheel today and experience a timeless and transformational Medicine Wheel Ceremony with our shamanic guides.

All of our guides enjoy leading this tour.

The majestic views and our guide, provided us with an awe-inspiring experience. There were four of us on the tour and our guide was able to sort through our different spiritual perspectives and reach out to all. His soft voice combined with his in-depth knowledge of the history of the area allowed us to explore our consciousness and appreciate the Sedona energy fields.”

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Akal was knowledgeable, spiritual and wonderful. He is a skilled guide on this spiritual journey. I was hoping to have a transformational experience at a Sedona energy vortex and with Akal’s guidance, I did!  It was a sacred ceremony and I feel blessed to have experienced it. It was what I was hoping for and so much more! It was just what I needed to get started on my new path. Since I have returned home I have continued to meditate every day, holding the image of that beautiful place in my heart. Thank you so much for an experience I will hold in my heart forever.” — Carol Kramer, Los Angeles


5 of 5 stars Reviewed January 17, 2015

My sister and I took the original vortex and medicine wheel combo tour. The tour was amazing. The guide was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the vortex sites and the medicine wheel. I especially loved the medicine wheel ceremony. The experience very personal and I would highly recommend Red Rock Tours.

 Cathedral Rock Vortex

Authentic ~ Transformative ~ Compassionate ~ AMAZING!!! I participated in the Vortex + Medicine Wheel tour with my best friend this year and achieved all my spiritual goals of cleansing out the old and allowing for balanced energies to start me on the path of transformation. Our guide Akal was 100% in-tune with our specific needs and provided a wealth of information and talents including Native American smudging and Medicine Wheel ceremony. 2 weeks after Sedona, I was offered a job which fits absolutely perfect with my college degree and passion of healing body, mind, and spirit! We wanted to thank Akal again for his commitment to nature, spirit and Sedona.  –David and Todd, Beaverton, OR

The Sedona Vortex/Medicine Wheel Combo Tour Rates

3 hours – $600 (for up to 2 ppl) for 3 or more ppl – $300 each

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In addition to our tours, we also offer Vortex Retreats in Sedona.

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