The Sedona Chakra Tour

On The Sedona Chakra Tour, you will enjoy the amazing beauty and splendor of one of Sedona’s most incredible hikes. Your guide will lead you through a Walking Meditation to release the burdens of your past in a conscious way.

Great vortex and chakra tour! What an uplifting experience! Akal is very knowledgeable and has such a great spirit. He was so in tune with my daughter and me and the type of experience we were looking for. We definitely will set up a tour with Akal when we visit Sedona again–hopefully in the not too distant future.  –Pixie K.

Sedona Chakras

On your hike, you will visit an area that is naturally conducive to balancing and harmonizing your energies. This is a truly transformational experience and you will only find it here!

You’ll learn all about each Chakra and how to cleanse and clear them yourselves.

This is a private instructional activity.

I was expecting to get some good insights into some guilt feelings but did not expect to feel so wonderful after hiking with our guide. His understanding of our energy and how-to identify with our chakras was beyond my expectations. Such a rewarding experience and really the best part of our trip.  –Roberta M., Florida

Great trip for spiritual people. The experience of Sedona for us quite literally is divided between ‘before the tour’ and ‘after.’ You get a fresh new prospective on the place and a good feel for the ‘places of power.’ If you are into metaphysics, this should be #1 on your TO DO list.
–Ivin Ichenko

3 Hour tour – $600 (for up to 2 people in your party)  For 3 or more ppl – $300 each

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Chakra explanation by Iala Jaggs with clearing and activation filmed at the Seven Sacred Pools in Sedona, Arizona.  (Note your Chakra tour will be at alternate locations)

sedona chakra tour The Sedona Chakra Tour Rates

Total fee for up to four people per tour:

3 hour tour $600. (for up to 2 people in your party) For 3 or more ppl- $300 each

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We also offer more extensive retreats.

“It was transformational.”– Mary, NY




Sedona Tours Permit with the Coconino National Forest
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