Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Our Shaman, Akal is now offering ongoing assistance and spiritual counseling with VORTEX ZOOM SESSIONS



Your experience in Sedona was a profound one. You received so much clarity and resolved to make lasting changes. How do you hold this new energy in the face of the stress of every day life? You are not alone.

You already have the tools Akal and your other guides gave you to use to make change and to bring peace. Working with Akal in the capacity of spiritual counselor and coach after you return home is one of the best ways you can be sure your time in Sedona continues to have positive and lasting impact on your life.

Akal was knowledgeable, spiritual and wonderful. He is a skilled guide on this spiritual journey.” –Carol Kramer, Los Angeles


If you haven’t been to Sedona yet–and you can’t wait–then, let the energy and Spirit of Sedona come to you! Book a counseling session with our Shaman Akal to help you move forward in profound and meaningful ways. Give yourself the opportunity to examine your life from a spiritual perspective and make lasting and deeply transformational change.   This is for anyone who is eager for true spiritual growth.  A spiritual seeker who seriously wants to commit to their awakening and seeing the world through the lens of SPIRIT

Akal will teach you how to connect to your own Inner knowing. This is a powerful, personal teaching experience.

Our Zoom sessions range from Spiritual Counseling, Chakra Clearing and Aura Balancing, Couple’s Counseling, Guided Meditations, Meet Your Inner Healer and more . . .
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Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Sessions can be conducted by ZOOM or by phone.

Fee: $200. per hour for one person

Schedule a session with Akal by emailing at info@sedonadestinations.com 

No one else would have fit the bill. You guys are the best!” — Lou


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