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Group tours can be an awesome way to experience Sedona’s vortex energy (that is, IF the tour is led by a highly skilled guide)

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Did you know that when a group comes together and focuses their energy, the consciousness of every person present is amplified exponentially by the number of people in the group?

Then add Sedona’s powerful vortex energies to your group experience… and whoa! The possibilities for transformation, healing, creativity and awe break wide open — for each person and the group as a whole.

No doubt about it, Sedona is beautiful no matter what tour company you go with.

And you may even feel the vortex energies on your own without the help of a guide but . . .

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If you want your group tour to be the highlight of your group’s Sedona experience — and magical in ways that can only be imagined — you’ve come to the right place.

Akal creating a magical space

Some questions we are frequently asked…

“Why is a tour out on the land better than a Jeep tour?”

You can’t do this on a Jeep tour…

It’s quite simple really. It’s the difference between being right out on those amazing red rocks, putting your hands on them and going directly to power spots for direct connection to the earth. That or you can take a bumpy ride in a Jeep where the guide simply points over his shoulder at the rocks and power spots as you whiz by.

Akal personalizes the tour to your group’s needs and desires and help bring an even deeper meaning to the power and majesty of this beautiful area … even to self-proclaimed skeptics. As one of them told us about his guide, “Pink Jeep might enable you to encounter  the red rocks, but Akal helps you to be moved by them.”

“Why a private group tour vs. just any group tour?”

Private group tours are perfect for groups that want to experience Sedona to deepen their connection to each other and to the group and to gain a more intimate interaction with their surroundings, the energies and the Sedona experience.

“If you are looking for a meaningful and/or spiritual experience, an opportunity to truly reflect on your journey through life while gazing on the beauty that is Sedona, you will not be disappointed.” –Eugene P.

“Where will we go?”

Sedona will not disappoint you

Your guide will assess your group’s physical abilities, desires and energy blueprint to intuit exactly where your group will go. With limitless stunning landscape options and over 75 known power spots to choose from, Sedona will not disappoint you.

“How many people can go on a group tour?”

Our group tours start at 5 people. (If you have fewer than that, check out our regular tours here.)  If you have a group larger than that, please inquire as early as possible to ensure appropriate availability and transportation.


Private Group Tours

Choose the private group tour below that best suits your group. Or call or chat us about customizing a tour experience for your group.

The Vortex Experience Private Group Tour

Experience Sedona Vortex Energy

This 3 hour experience takes your group into a deep, spiritual, mystical experience of the Sedona Vortexes.  The focus is to experience Vortex Energy and utilize the energy to achieve greater spiritual understanding, insights, enhance intuition, release, forgive, expand and  connect to source.  This is a powerful, transformational experience that will bring your group closer and uplift everyone.  Minimum of 4 people.  $200 per person.

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The Vortex/Medicine Wheel Combo Private Group Tour.

One of the many Sedona medicine wheels you may visit

This 3-hour experience focuses on using vortex energy for transformation and visiting one or more Sedona medicine wheels for spiritual reflection and a customized ceremony focusing on the group intentions. This is our most popular group tour and is recommended for groups that want to focus on the vortex experience, as well as groups that may have participants with limited physical abilities. Minimum of 4 people. $200 per person.

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The Sedona Bachelorette Party Private Group Tour.

A Bachelorette Party sending prayers of blessing

Our Bachelorette Party Tour is a unique way to mark your transition from single to married life with your closest allies in one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Your group will be led by a shaman to use vortex energy in a medicine wheel ceremony to celebrate the bride and send prayers for the blessing and happiness of the marriage. This is a 3-hour private tour, including pick up and drop off time. Minimum of 4 people. $200 per person.
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The Sedona Private Group Meditation and Hiking and Tour.

Private tour with Deepak Chopra group

This Meditation/hiking tour focuses on being conscious and present in your life as you move through the land and experiencing some of the most captivating painted landscapes in the area and learning about the flora and fauna and Sedona’s amazing energies.The voal point of the tour is a Guided Meditation.

This tour is recommended for groups that want to  experience the natural world and connect deeply with it.

The hiking is tailored to the group’s ability as a whole. 3 hours. Minimum of 4  people. $200 per person .  (Some park entrance fees may also be applied)


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See the sites & learn Sedona HistoryThis popular 3 hour group tour has a bit of everything.  You will see famous local sites and hear local historical stories.  You’ll learn about the geology and vortexes and archeology.  Great for families and larger groups and those with mobility issues.  A wonderful over view of the area.  3 hours  Minimum of 4 people.  $200 per person(Some park entrance fees may also be applied)


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