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Thank you so much, we had a wonderful experience and want to especially acknowledge our guide, Kelly.
She was an excellent guide.  Knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs. We would highly recommend her and your
Company  – thanks again ,Kelly, for a magical day.
Audrey and Doug

We had such a wonderful time on our 2 hour tour!
I could not have asked for a better tour guide than Pete! My friend and I enjoyed his company throughout our tour, and really appreciated that he “met us where we were,” in terms of what we were hoping to get out of the tour. Katie and I both felt as though we were driving around and experiencing Sedona and the Vortex sites with a trusted friend. Pete is clearly very knowledgeable about the area and Vortex sites – and he was an absolute pleasure to chat with and learn from.

We will both be recommending Sedona Red Rock Tours to our friends and family!

Thank you,

Date of experience: April 2019


Amazing Tour with Lawrence!
Review of Sedona Red Rock Tours
Reviewed April 10, 2019
It was our first time in Sedona!, Lawrence was our tour guide for the Energy Vortex tour, We had an amazing experience at Stupa Peace Park and at the Medicine Wheel, and a wonderful guided meditation at Bell Rock. He was very knowledgeable with great positive energy! we have enjoyed our conversations during the tour. We would highly recommend your tour company and Lawrence to anyone. Thank you for the wonderful experience, Lawrence.

Date of experience: April 2019

Jeremy White
Local Guide ・43 reviews・5 photos
March 2019
My experience with RRT was absolutely incredible. Such an amazing group of people to work with 

and customer service that’s bar none. Akal was my guide and aside from being just a straight-up, down-to-earth guy, he also knows his stuff. After doing some talking with him, he seemed to know exactly which vortex sites to take me to and he couldn’t have been more right! My vortex experience is something I can’t put into words, it was sooo enlightening and honestly life changing. I can’t wait to get back to Sedona for another amazing experience because I’m confident that using Red Rock Tours as a guide service, I can’t go wron
g. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making this such a successful trip and experience. And a special thanks to Jacki for her patience and taking the time to know more about what I was looking to get / achieve out of my experience and helping to build a customized tour specifically for my needs and wants. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

We had Kelly as our guide and she was awesome! Her down to earth demeanor made it easy to talk to her. Our conversations were comfortable and open. She was able to sense what vortexes we should visit and it was spot on. Her knowledge about Sedona and the vortexes made our experience even more intriguing. Kelly performed a chakra reading on us, which was pretty cool and very accurate. She planted seeds of wisdom which will definitely help with our spiritual growth. This excursion was the highlight of our trip!


March 2019

From the day we booked to the day of the tour we had an amazing experience! This was our first time at a medicine wheel, Lawrence was very knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable and relaxed. We did not know what to expect but from the minute Lawrence picked us up you could feel the good energy. Would definitely do this again and totally recommend.


March  2019

Thank you so much for a wonderful enlightening experience!  Kelly, our guide, provided us with knowledge and guidance.  Her positive and friendly demeanor enhanced our spiritual journey.   The only way to experience sedona’s vortices is with a guide from red rock tours!! Thank you Kelly!! Is I’ll be sending  a beautiful picture of you sharing the experience in a separate email.
Take care
Maureen and Jenn
March  2019
We had a great time with Lynn. I only regret not having even more time to enjoy this amazing part of our country. Thanks for matching our expectations and experience so well. She is very bright and easy to get along with. Everyone really felt a connection as a result of this 3 hours of no cell phones and being a part of the amazing Sedona energy that really needs to be experienced to understand why this is such a special place. Highly recommend booking with this company.
March 2019

We recently went on the Vortex/Medicine Wheel combo tour with Lawrence (March 1, 2019), and we left the experience with insights and memories that will last a lifetime. As an initial matter, Lawrence was an incredible guide – everything you want really: enthusiastic, knowledgeable, friendly and eager to share. And while I’m certain he would be great for any tour, he was exceptional during our vortex tour/medicine wheel ceremony.

Which brings me to the main topic, the tour itself: Look, I get it, some folks just want to hike; but with this experience you get the scenery plus priceless internal benefits. We started at Bell Rock and learned a bit about the geography and formations, and went directly into a guided meditation on the rocks. As people who meditate daily, we relished the experience, and Lawrence was an excellent guide. But even if meditation isn’t part of your routine, rest assured they can provide a meditation style that’s suitable for you, and that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. You simply cannot place a value on a gift like this. Be open to the experience, and you’ll be rewarded.

From there we went to the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park for our Medicine Wheel Ceremony. The setting is stunning; and again, Lawrence was a compassionate and open guide. As he made clear, the Medicine Wheel Ceremony isn’t a defined “process” or ceremony. The Medicine Wheel represents each of our lives, and all the qualities, people and experiences that make up our experience on Earth. Lawrence provided the initial guidance and opened the ceremony; but then allowed us to have our own experience within the wheel. It was emotional, it was healing and it was transformative. You simply have to experience it for yourself.

All in all, I highly recommend this company and the combo tour. When we return we will book them again, only this time we will be adding a sound healing. The company has great people and is doing great work for the client’s benefit.


March 2019

Really enjoyable, personalized tour and meditation guided by Lynn. She adapted the visit entirely around our interests. The tour introduced us to a way of seeing and understanding the Sedona red rocks we were never have had on our own.

Pola Capuano
1 review・1 photo
Feb 2019
Amazing hike and meditation with Lawrence. We had two people in our group with knee problems and they chose the perfect hike for our physical and spiritual needs. They provided ponchos and hiking poles. Our guide talked about Sedona and it’s magic to help us understand a little about the place and it was amazing. All that aside, we overbooked two activities the same day by mistake and Red Rock Tours was able to reschedule our hike last minute without hesitation, thank you!



We had a great experience out in Sedona with Lawrence as our guide for a 3 hour vortex tour. He was super knowledgeable, warm and engaging. Lawrence took the time to get to know us a bit and curated the tour based on our intentions, needs and interests. While I’m def more on the woo woo side with my husband being more of a pragmatist, Lawrence struck the right chords and found a great balance between what the both of us were searching for. As a guide, he was very punctual and managed time well.

My recommendation if you’re going on this tour is to bring some water if you plan on doing some hiking. We left ours in the car, as I wasn’t aware how long the hike was going to be. Lawrence did provide blankets and he was super chill about letting our dogs tag along! Would recommend!


Reviewed January 31, 2019

What an incredible experience we had on the Vortex/Medicine Wheel Tour! Our guide, Pete, was knowledgeable, helpful and really in tune with my partner and I. It was like meeting an old friend for the very first time. I’m mad at myself for not writing down the book recommendations he had though. A great combination of meditation, discussion, education and energy. Pete is obviously gifted and was really great to be around. It was also a really great way to see the area and become acquainted with seeking out vortices we otherwise would not have known about. I would absolutely do this tour again and hope to get the opportunity to do so again some day. If you aren’t sure- just trust and make the leap. You won’t regret it.


Reviewed January 6, 2019

Many thanks to Pete for his guidance and company for my first experiences in Sedona. I made the trip to Sedona to celebrate my new job, and to become revitalized after a few difficult changes in my life. Pete learned enough about me to offer the perfect balance of hiking, pausing, conversation, and meditative periods.

On the day of our hike a very dear friend of mine was undergoing cancer related surgery and just maybe the energy from my experience was helpful to her as she is recovering well and has a very good prognosis.

I have shared my experience with friends and family and will recommend Sedona Red rock Tours and Pete as their guide if they make a trip. I expect to be back and will be in touch when I make the plans.


Reviewed January 2, 2019

Spending a day with Akal was the highlight of our trip to Sedona. He tailored the tour to those sites that we most wanted to see, taught us about the history of the area and definitely opened our minds to the magic of Sedona. The day flew by.


Reviewed January 1, 2019 via mobile

We went on the Vortex tour with Lawrence. He was very informative and took my mom’s limited mobility into consideration and took us to Rachel’s Knoll a beautiful spot and he lead us in a great mediation, then we went to the Stupa and Airport Mesa. It was a great experience. Highly recommend his tours.


Jan 2019
We are beyond rejuvenated beyond healed (is that even possible??) beyond balanced beyond our expectations. This tour has managed to heal us from inside out. It’s almost impossible to verbalize and explain our experience. It was something different for each of us and yet a uniting and bonding experience for us all. ??


Deb Banks
2 reviews
Jan 2019
Wonderful Vortex Tour Pete was wonderful and so informative He definitely made it memorable. We could never have found all the locations that he took us to in the short time we had. We will be back Pete.

Reviewed December 24, 2018

This was a beautiful beginning in Sedona. My guide Pete was easy to talk with about vortexes, my intentions for the morning outing, and thoughts about this whole big thing we call life. It felt like I was on an outing with an old friend. Plus, he was clearly knowledgeable about the area and asked the right questions to gauge my knowledge and abilities. I booked for two hours but needed an extra hour, which was not a problem. I would have loved to hang out with Pete for the rest of the day!


Marriane Bruno
1 review
Nov 2018
We booked a Vortex tour with Red Rock Tours. Our guide Lynn was a marvelous and highly spiritual woman. Lynn was so informative and fun while really bringing an amazing spiritual experience to the tour. Lynn took us to areas we would not have found on our own. At one of the specifically chosen points, a very intense vortex Lynn guided us through a beautiful mediation. Lynn also was prepared with beautiful cards for a reading. Where she took us, the site was spectacular. I did so much research and previewing options for tour guides and after looking at all the options we are so glad we chose Lynn at Sedna Red Rock Tours..Awesome!!!


Kristen Sexton Yee

5 reviews

This is a must if you are in the Sedona area! My husband and I did the basic 4 hour package and did not know what to expect. I am starting out on my spiritual journey and just wanted to learn more. My husband on the other hand, had no idea what I was getting us in to. Wow! We were both so impressed and enjoyed our visit so much more, due to taking this tour! I already want to go back and take another tour. Our guide picked us up and took us to some great spots. We learned about meditation and it was the best experience I have had.

Amy O’Connor
1 review

My husband and I went on an intuitive power tour with Lynn. It was absolutely WONDERFUL! Lynn was very knowledgeable, friendly, and open with us. We had an incredible morning of meditation, chakra opening, and a very SPOT ON card reading from Lynn. Although we only spent a bit more than two hours with her, we left as friends. I would recommend this tour to anyone wanting to explore their intuition, have a spiritual experience, and be surrounded in beauty, peace and serenity. One of the highlights of our trip to Sedona for sure!!


Reviewed October 17, 2017

Lawrence was our tour guide for the Energy Vortex tour. We had the best time. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to ask what we wanted out of the experience. It was an amazing experience! We visited three energy vortexes and the Stupa Peace Park. I would highly recommend your tour company and Lawrence to anyone. Thanks for the wonderful experience.



This was my first trip to Sedona. My guide Akal was amazing. He made my trip memorable and one that I will not forget. His knowledge of the area was impressive and I can’t say enough about the experience. I highly recommend this company.


Reviewed September 6, 2017

Akal was incredible and he made this tour a memorable experience. It was really truly like touring with a friend, who had incredible knowledge about Sedona, vortexes, photography, meditation and mindfulness- everything.

What I most appreciated about Akal is that he really read the group and calibrated to our tastes. If you are really into the vortexes,etc. I know he could go very very in-depth on that. He is a shaman so he can really dive into that if that is what your group wants. He is an excellent photographer so advises on great locations for that and cool, non-typical ideas for shots. I loved that he read our group and calibrated. Was JUST right.

He took us to some places that we would not have gone ourselves, including some that we could have never ever even have known about.

All in all, I strongly strongly recommend this company.

Reviewed 4 days ago via mobile

I went on this tour with my 80 year old Grandma and 60 year old mother. My grandma needs a walker to get around and Lynn, our tour guide, was able to tailor our experience so that we could all enjoy the beautiful and spiritual surroundings. She also guided us through a wonderful meditation. I would highly recommend this tour and Lynn specifically!

Reviewed 3 weeks ago via mobile

Very solid company. Lawrence was our guide, and he really made it a great experience. We did a medicine wheel ceremony and a quick 5 min mindfulness meditation. If you’re looking for a spiritual guide for your first trip out, this company is a winner

Reviewed June 14, 2018

Our personal guide was Lynn. I have no words to explain how she knew exactly what we needed from our trip. Just a few questions and she took us to the perfect place for us. The experience was so moving, I had tears in my eyes by the time we left. I would love to visit another vortex next time we’re in Sedona – with Lynn as our guide!!!

Reviewed June 9, 2018 via mobile

Highly recommend this company, we had great experience with them. They were very responsive and flexible, great communication!
My mom and I had a great time on our Vortex tour. Our guide, Lawrence was very nice, helpful and knowledgeable, we have learned a lot.
Would love to go back for more!

Reviewed May 16, 2018 via mobile

It was an amazing day! Lynn was terrific as our guide! We had some physical limitations but she made sure we experienced every bit of the power of the Red Rocks. We came away changed and energize

Reviewed May 1, 2018

A friend and I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Lawrence on a vortex tour last week. After scoping out where we were at, spiritually speaking, he took us to Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa. It was an amazing experience. Lawrence was knowledgeable, considerate and committed to ensuring we enjoyed ourselves. At first I thought the price was a little high (especially when you’re paying in US dollars…) but I have no regrets whatsoever. Next time I’m in Sedona, I may book a longer tour as the two hours went by really quickly. Highly recommended!

Reviewed April 11, 2018

Our trip would not have been the same without our 4-hour vortex tour. Lawrence knew exactly where to take us. He also managed to avoid any crowded areas so we felt like we had Sedona to ourselves (except Holy Cross). He also shared a bit about some of the history of Sedona and pointed out various plants in the area. It was a profound experience for both my husband and I – we felt a deep sense of peace and gratification. The following day we tried to explore a bit ourselves and just got frustrated. Don’t let that happen to you! Book your tour – it’s more than worth every penny.

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