Sedona Spiritual Tours

Sedona Spiritual Tours Explore the Outer and Inner Landscape

The demand for Sedona spiritual tours has increased in the last several years as more and more people are searching for meaning in their everyday lives and are delving into their inner landscape to find the answers they are seeking.

The planet is waking up! And Sedona, Arizona is a hotbed for spiritual seekers—both those who are looking to have a spiritual experience, as well as those who are seeking to enhance their awakening with the help of the powerful vortex energies found there.

Sedona Spiritual Tours

Sedona, Arizona is renowned for its magnificent red-rock formations and its energy vortexes. Our Sedona spiritual tours are a one-of-a-kind experience.

Vortexes are simply the locations where the geomagnetic lines of the earth called ley lines cross and form a whirling pool of energy. They are “power spots” of subtle energy much like the acupuncture points in the human body and are found in concentration in Sedona, Arizona and a few other places in the world.

Sedona Red Rocks Tours has been at the forefront of Sedona spiritual tours for almost a decade now, created by two people who sincerely desire to bring the experience of Sedona’s natural beauty together with the healing and awakening of those who touch it.

Iala and Akal Jaggs, both shamans, along with a hand-picked staff of practitioners, are deeply spiritual individuals who have guided thousands of souls into and through their own transformational experiences.

The Sedona spiritual tours they are currently offering have been created to utilize the energy of Sedona’s sacred landscape in a number of different ways. Vortexes and other significant power spots serve as amplifiers of personal energy, as well as to increase the flow of chi in the body temple itself.

Results such as the expansion of consciousness and its many manifestations–the magnification of healing energies, increased psychic awareness, clarity, release and forgiveness and so on–are what are possible.

The awesome red rock vistas and glorious aesthetics Sedona is known for also have a positive and uplifting effect on anyone who opens to them; the sheer beauty of Sedona itself is able to induce a heart-opening experience all on its own.

What really makes Sedona spiritual tours transformational, participants claim, is the guidance and facilitation they receive from their tour guides.

For Sedona spiritual tours to consistently result in the kinds of experiences people are truly seeking, a tour guide needs to be spot-on intuitive, an expert in the area and the energy, and a heart-centered facilitator who is able to help navigate the inner and outer landscapes simultaneously. This is the dedicated life work of the Jaggs’ and their staff—and they are joyous in doing it.

Here’s a summary of current Sedona spiritual tours from Sedona Red Rock Tours. Tours are all private, meaning they consist of your party only (between 1 and 4 people–except for Reiki on the Rocks which is for one individual) in order to give you both the privacy and the guidance you need.

Sedona Spiritual Tours to Awaken Your Whole Being

The Original Sedona Vortex Tour – This tour was created so you could experience the power of the vortex sites in a very personal way. You will be guided to the appropriate vortexes according to the personal and spiritual needs of you or your party and taught to perceive and use the energy of the site in your own transformation.

Sedona Spiritual Tours

A couple on one of our Sedona spiritual tours.

The Sedona Dosha TourDosha is an Ayurvedic term for the three humors, Vata, Pitta and Kapha which make up the constitution of the body. The practices of Ayurveda, revealed by the great Rishis or Indian holy men of the Vedas, strive to bring the body and mind into balance to create health and harmony.

This tour is conducted by a talented Ayurvedic practitioner who will assess your constitutional make up and give you specific advice on how to bring your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies into their optimal state. Each vortex and landscape has its own dosha, as well.

You will learn how to turn to nature to balance your dosha.

The Sedona Yoga Tour – Yoga as a practice of union with the divine is given a spiritual boost in the powerful vortex energy. This tour brings you out on the gorgeous red rocks to unite and feel the energy move through you to facilitate your expanded awareness and heart connection with all life.

This Sedona spiritual tour promises to be a high point of your yoga practice–no matter what level you are at–because you’ll experience a depth and expansion not felt in a yoga studio.

The Medicine Wheel Tour – Imagine learning and participating in the spiritual practices of the ancient wisdom keepers in the very place where Native Americans held sacred ceremony for centuries. Imagine the beat of the drum, sacred songs and chanting, your spirit lifting higher and soaring with the eagles.

Held in private medicine wheels in Sedona and coupled with the experience of a vortex encounter in the Vortex/Medicine Wheel Combo Tour, this tour promises to be one of the highlights of your lifetime.

Sedona Chakra Tour – If you want to know more about your own sacred energy vortexes right in your body temple, this is the tour for you. You will receive guidance in activating and clearing your chakras, the wheels of life that broadcast and receive energy to and from the world, as well as how to use the vortex energy to give yourself a boost, go inward or expand your consciousness. The site for this Sedona spiritual tour is The Seven Sacred Pools.

Awaken Your Psychic Power Tour – Would you like to clear your third eye, amplify your psychic power and be taught to master the skills of one of Sedona’s top psychics? There’s no other tour of this caliber out there. Find out what the ajna chakra can do to bring clarity, insight and intuition into greater measure in your life.

And, oh yes, you’ll also receive a 20-minute reading from Kazandra that will open your eyes to your own life, your path and the things that are important to you.

Reiki on the RocksReiki is a form of energy healing originated by a Japanese Buddhist monk. The energy currents of the practitioner are held over the physical and energetic systems of the body to stimulate the life force in a gentle and non-invasive manner–and to promote healing and relaxation.

Whether or not you’ve experienced Reiki before, this session by our Reiki practitioner, assisted by the vortex energy, will infuse your entire being at all levels with physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

If you’re looking for Sedona spiritual tours that will not only introduce you to the outer wonder of Sedona, but also the inner wonder that is YOU as a spiritual being, Sedona Red Rock Tours is unique in its ability to deliver on all levels.

Not just another hike to look at a pretty red rock view, if you take this journey with them, I promise you, you will never be the same. ◊

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