About Sedona Red Rock Tours

Sedona Red Rock Tours was recently honored by the U.S. Forestry Service when they awarded us with one of their new Metaphysical Outfitter Guide Permits. They only gave out 5 permits and that’s it for the next 10 years! This is major recognition by our government of the powerful energies here in Sedona and Sedona’s role as a spiritual destination for people from around the world. We are grateful that they have recognized our role as qualified representatives of The Spirit of Sedona. This means we can take YOU to the mystical vortexes for a truly authentic Sedona experience!

Thank you for an amazing tour of the vortex. Greatly appreciate my tour guide’s depth of knowledge and insights. I highly recommend your services to all my family and friends. Your level of professionalism and genuine care for your clients is greatly appreciated. Thank you for a wonderful, spiritually uplifting experience.”  –Jacqui, Sydney

Our Sedona Tour Guides


Akal is one of our Sedona shamanic guides. Akal has studied with shamans around the world–the Cree Elders in Canada, the Curanderos in Costa Rica, the Ayahuasqueros in Peru and many multi-dimensional Wisdom Keepers in Sedona. He was a student of Osho and studied akal with fluteWhite Tantra and Kundalini Yoga with Yogi Bhajan. His studies have included humanistic psychology, Kabbalah, Keys of Enoch, alchemy, the Mayan Calendar, Sufism and various other spiritual, mystical and metaphysical teachings. This makes his sharing very diverse, unique and expansive.

Akal was well read, informative in not only spiritual endeavors, but practical ways to make life richer. He has changed our thinking and we are blessed to have met him.”  –Brenda

Akal is a veritable library of ancient knowledge and esoteric information. He is a wonderful guide and each tour with him is a sacred ceremony. His guided meditations at the vortex sites have been called profound and transformational. His drumming and chanting will transport you to a higher plane.

We just want to say thank you, Akal for making our trip amazing. We are truly blessed and we will keep you in our hearts forever!” –Kimberly, Denise, Lisa, Colorado

Akal is also available for spiritual counseling sessions via Skype or by phone.

Akal was fantastic! He made my spiritual experience unforgettable! He took the time to share his knowledge and provided guidance. GREAT person! –Lidia Gorsline


” I spent time with Lawrence and left in awe and gratitude. It was a powerful and magical day and I am so incredibly grateful for the experience and for his guidance and grace.”  —  Vanessa Flores


In Sedona, Lawrence has found a deep and sacred connection to the land and mother earth, the importance of raising his own vibration and how to move through this journey with an open heart.

Lawrence started practicing meditation in 2006 and has studied with many skilled and compassionate meditation and yoga teacher trainers. He is certified  by Ruth Hartung of Seven Centers Yoga Arts and David Vendetti of South Boston Yoga. He completed meditation facilitator training with Noah Levine in 2012 and in 2013 became a Certified Yoga Therapist through the school of Integrative Yoga Therapy under the guidance of Joseph LePage.

Lawrence is also a Reiki practitioner and has studied Ayurvedic medicine extensively. He taught yoga, meditation and breath work workshops and classes for 4 years in Boston and opened a vegan and gluten free café in Florida.

“Best. Experience. Ever! We had Lynn as our guide and she was AWESOME! She has a beautiful soul that just shines through.” — Andrea Hodak

Lynn’s passion is to utilize the natural beauty of Sedona and the stillness of meditation to bring you into the present moment where all problems dissolve. She has traveled and lived in different countries, and it is her joy to bring together people of different cultures and world views and show them the natural connection we all share, as a way to break through the illusions of what we feel separates us.

With a background in psychology and many deep explorations into the nature of consciousness itself, Lynn offers a dynamic approach for people looking to have a meaningful experience while in Sedona. This can include anything from experiencing your own body’s energy flow for the first time or sharing deeply about fears and traumas you would like help with releasing.

Lynn utilizes practices such as vipassana meditation, Dahn yoga, trauma counseling, Emotional Freedom Technique and many other modalities. Her natural enthusiasm and childlike nature will allow you to feel that you can be your natural and authentic self while you access deeper states of consciousness and join her in that space of being.

Our entire experience of Sedona Red Rock Tours was EXCELLENT. Iala provided superior customer service from our first call answering all of our questions continuing through the follow-up after our tour.

Akal was extremely knowledgeable and personable. I loved the commentary and delivery. I was concerned about my physical ability to see all that was offered. Akal was very gracious with me encouraging me to stretch, respecting my limits, and provided an amazing experience. Our entire party enjoyed the event and recommend everyone book Sedona Red Rock Tours! The best! –Charlene S.


Sedona Tours Permit with the Coconino National Forest